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  • EPF Member Investment Scheme
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EPF Member Investment Scheme
With the rising inflation rate and living standard, it is important that you invest to increase your retirement savings and to avoid a significant decrease in your future purchasing power. Consider investing via EPF Members Investment Scheme to help achieve your retirement goal.
What is EPF Investment Scheme?
EPF Member Investment Scheme allows EPF members to invest 20% of the amount in excess of the required Basic Savings in Account 1 through an appointed unit trust management company by the Ministry of Finance.
Benefits of Investment through EPF Members Investment Scheme
  1. No Cash Investment Required – Investment is transacted from your EPF Account 1.
  2. Diversification – Opportunity to diversify your retirement funds with EPF-qualified unit trust funds.
  3. Overseas Investment Exposure – Diversity abroad with domestic funds that can invest up to 30% of the fund’s net asset value in foreign markets.
  4. Capital Appreciation – Opportunity to reap capital growth as part of the return on your investment to boost the total value of your EPF savings.
How to Invest?
  1. The amount that can be invested is 20% of the savings in excess of the Basic Savings required in Account 1.
  2. Minimum investment is RM1,000.
  3. Investments can be made once every three months.
  4. Sales Charge per unit – up to 3% of net asset value per unit as regulated by the EPF.
Find Out if You Qualify
  1. Check your account balance at any EPF Smart Kiosk* nationwide by using your Mykad or;
  2. Refer to your latest EPF statement or;
  3. Log on to EPF website (www.kwsp.gov.my) if you are an i-Akaun registered user.
Required Basic Savings in Account 1



*# Effective 1 January 2014


Source: Emplyees Provident Fund (EPF)


Mr A is 35 years old. From his EPF latest statement, the amount in his Account 1 is RM80,000. According to the above Basic Savings table, his basic savings required in Account 1 is RM46,000. This means he is qualified to withdraw the minimum RM1,000 and maximum RM6,800 from his EPF savings to be invested in unit trust.
CALCULATION: (RM80,000 – RM46,000) X 20% =RM6,800


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Public Islamic Equity Fund  
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Public Islamic Strategic Bond Fund ✔#  
Public Sukuk Fund ✔#  
PB Bond Fund ✔#  
PB Islamic Bond Fund  
PB Infrastructure Bond Fund ✔#    
PB Sukuk Fund ✔#   
Public Islamic Money Market Fund    
PB Cash Management Fund    

* These funds have mandate to invest up to 30% of the fund’s net asset value (NAV) in overseas market.

# This fund has mandate to invest up to 25% of the fund’s NAV in overseas market.


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