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Insurance Products


Insurance Products: Public Ittikal Fund Free Takaful





This insurance is specially designed to cover Public Mutual unitholders who maintain a minimum of 5,000 units and above in Public Ittikal Fund. The amount of Takaful will be equal to the number of units invested in the ratio of RM1 Takaful coverage for each unit subject to a maximum amount of RM100,000 per unitholder. Unitholders who qualify will be given group term life and group personal accident coverage.






Unitholders aged between 18-59 are eligible for the free insurance coverage. The cover will cease once the insured reaches age 60. For joint accounts, only the principal (first-named) unitholder is eligible.




Effective Date Of Coverage


The coverage will take effect according to the bank-in date of the initial or additional investment and subject to subsequent approval by the insurance company.




Termination Of Coverage


Coverage will terminate when:-

1. Insured ceased to be an investor of Public Ittikal Fund

2. Investment in Public Ittikal Fund falls below 5,000 units

3. A claim on TPD has been made

4. Insured attains age 60

5. Unitholder enters full-time military, naval, airforce service of any country






The insured shall designate nominee(s) in the 'wasi' form. The insured is allowed to re-nominate by submitting a fresh 'wasi' form to Public Mutual Berhad. The re-nomination shall take effect upon receipt of such notice by Public Mutual Berhad.


Conditions to be Nominee:

a. Age above 18

b. Sound mind

c. Family member of insured




Group Term Life (with Total & Permanent Disability) - GTL Coverage


1. This is a term life insurance that covers death & total permanent disablement due to natural
    and accidental causes 24 hours a day worldwide.

2. Total permanent disability (TPD) shall mean the complete inability of an insured to engage 
    in any gainful occupation or employment for compensation, profit or gain for the remainder of his
    lifetime as a result of accident injury, sickness or disease.




The following events are excluded under death benefit:


1. Suicide or attempted suicide

2. Pre-existing conditions during the initial 12 months. Claims occurring after 12 months will be covered.

3. For subsequent increases, the above condition applies based on the respective effective date.

4. AIDS,AIDS related complex or any other AIDS related condition.

5. Any breach of the Civil or Shariah Law by the Covered Member




Risk Excluded For TPD (GTL)


The insurance shall not cover any loss or disability caused directly or indirectly, wholly or partly, by:-

1. Injuries as a result of any work accident while handling explosive substance;

2. Injuries as a result of any accident while participating in racing other than on foot;

3. Any pre-existing disablement;

4. Self-inflicted injuries while sane or insane;

5. War, declare or undeclared, civil war, revolution, any warlike operations, or state of emergency;

6. Participating in a strike or riot;

7. Scuba diving or mountaineering activities;

8. All forms of flying except as a passenger on an aircraft licensed carry passengers;

9. Pregnancy or childbirth or pre-existing physical, mental defect or infirmity; Entering, operating
    or servicing, ascending or descending from or with any aerial service or conveyance except
    as a fare paying passenger of a commercial aircraft;

10. Any breach of the Civil or Shariah Law by the Covered Member.


Other benefits shall cease upon payment of the initial yearly installment under these TPD benefits.




Coverage For Group Personal Accident Permanent Disability (GPAPD)


This is a personal accident policy that provides the insured person with a 24 hours protection against accidental injuries that shall solely and independently of any cause result in the insured's death or permanent disablement anywhere in the world.




Risk Excluded For GPAPD


The coverage does not cover death, loss or disablement directly or indirectly caused by:-

1. War, invasion, act of foreign enemy, hostilities (whether declared or not), rebellion, military
    or usurped power, provoked assault, deliberate exposure to exceptional danger
    (except in an attempt to save human life), criminal act, drugs, or insanity;

2. Insanity, suicide (whether sane or insane) or any attempt thereat;

3. Venereal disease, infection or parasites;

4. Intoxication by alcohol or drugs;

5. Childbirth, miscarriage, pregnancy or any complications thereof;

6. Provoked murder or assault;

7. Any pre-existing physical defect or infirmity, fits of any kind, disease or sickness of any kind;

8. The insured taking part in horse riding, hang gliding, sky diving, parachuting, winter sports,
    water skiing, underwater activities involving breathing apparatus, racing of any kind
    (other than foot racing), mountaineering, polo, steeple chasing, boxing, wrestling,
    or the performing of martial arts;

9. Nuclear weapons material;

10. Ionizing radiation or contaminated by radio-activity from the combustion of nuclear fuel.
       For the purpose of this exception shall include any self-sustaining process of the
       nuclear fission;

11. The insured travelling in any fully licensed passenger carrying aircraft unless as a passenger 
       but not as a member of the crew nor for the purposes of engaging in any trade or technical
       operation therein;

12. While committing or attempting to commit any unlawful act.




Table Of Contents
Accidental Death & Permanent Disablement



  (Percentage of Capital Sum Insured)

  Accidental Death


  Loss of two limbs


  Loss of both hands, or of all fingers and both thumbs


  Total paralysis


  Total insanity


  Injuries resulting in being permanently bedridden


  Any other injury causing permanent total disablement


  Loss of arm at shoulder


  Loss of arm between shoulder and elbow


  Loss of arm at elbow


  Loss of arm between elbow and wrist


  Loss of hand at wrist


  Loss of leg at hip


  Loss of leg between knee and hip


  Loss of leg below knee


  Eye - loss of whole eye


  Eye - loss of sight of


  Eye - sight of except perception of light


  Eye - lens of


  Loss of four fingers and thumb of one hand


  Loss of four fingers


  Loss of thumb-both phalanges


  Loss of thumb-one phalanx


  Loss of index finger-three phalanges


  Loss of index finger-two phalanges


  Loss of index finger-one phalanx


  Loss of middle finger-three phalanges


  Loss of middle finger-two phalanges


  Loss of middle finger-one phalanx


  Loss of ring finger-three phalanges


  Loss of ring finger-two phalanges


  Loss of ring finger-one phalanx


  Loss of little finger-three phalanges


  Loss of little finger-two phalanges


  Loss of little finger -one phalanx


  Loss of metacarpals-first or second(additional)


  Loss of metacarpals -third, fourth, fifth (additional)


  Loss of toes-all


  Loss of toes-great, both phalanges


  Loss of toes-great, one phalanx


  Loss of toes-other than great, each toe 


  Loss of hearing-both ears


  Loss of hearing-one ear


  Loss of speech



Permanent total loss of use of member shall be treated as loss of member. Loss of speech shall mean total permanent inability to communicate clearly.


The aggregate of all percentages payable in respect of any one accident shall not exceed 100%. In the event of a total of 100% having been paid, all insurance hereunder shall immediately ceased to be in force. All other losses smaller than 100%, if having been paid shall reduce the coverage by that amount from the date of accident until the expiration of the policy.






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