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No. 1* In Unit Trust & Private Retirement Scheme


Unitholders who have accumulated and maintain a minimum of 120,000 Mutual Gold Qualifying Points (MGQP) in accounts as the First Holder



Mutual Gold

An Exclusive Co-Brand Mutual Gold- PB Visa Platinum Credit Card
  1. Get Free-for-Life Co-Brand Mutual Gold-PB Visa Platinum Credit Card.
  2. PB Cash MegaBonus for local and overseas retail purchases.*
  3. Enjoy 0.3% Mutual Gold Cash Bonus for local and overseas retail purchases.*
    Subject to a maximum payment of RM100 which will be credited to your card account on your birthday month.

*Please refer to the PBB website at for updates and revised features.

Free Insurance Coverage of up to RM500,000
  1. Enjoy Free Group Personal Accident with Permanent Disability Insurance Coverage.
  2. The maximum coverage is RM500,000 for Mutual Gold Members*. The amount of insurance is equal to the number of Qualifying Points in the ratio of RM1 insurance coverage for each Qualifying Point.

* Subject to terms and conditions.

Complimentary Magazine
Choose a complimentary magazine in the language of your choice (English - ‘Calibre’ or Chinese - ‘Feng’) to keep you informed on the best that life has to offer.
Quarterly Statement of Accounts
All your accounts consolidated into one Quarterly Statement of Accounts to provide you with a clear view of your investments on a quarterly basis.
Repurchase Cheques Within Two Business Days
Get your repurchase cheque within 2 business days.
Free Will/Wasiat Writing Services
Write your Will/Wasiat with PB Trustee Services Berhad to ensure:-
  • The disposition of assets is in accordance to your wishes
  • Faster distribution of the estate and less costly
  • Deliver final message to your loved ones
Free Trust Nominations
  1. Enjoy up to 5 free Trust Nominations with PB Trustee to ensure your hard earned investments are passed on to your loved ones.
  2. Fast distribution of your investments to the beneficiaries without having to go through the lengthy process of Probate or Letter of Administration.
Switching Entitlement
Enjoy up to 18 switching entitlements of RM25 each per annum which can be used to offset the switching fee.
Administration Fee Waiver
Administration fee for transfer of units is waived for Mutual Gold Members.
Special Rates on Insurance Products From Lonpac Insurance
Enjoy up to 25% savings on different insurance products.
Please call Lonpac Insurance at 03-2262 8688 for more details.
Invitation to Mutual Gold Seminars / Talks
Receive special invitation to our Mutual Gold Seminar.
Exclusive Mutual Gold Centre
See to your investment needs in the comfort and privacy of our Mutual Gold Centre.
Dedicated Mutual Gold Hotline
You can be assured of quick and priority service whenever you call.

* Subject to terms & conditions.

How do unitholders
accumulate MGQP?

Computation of Mutual Gold Qualifying Points (MGQP):

  • RM1.00 worth of investment into equity, balanced and mixed asset funds is allotted 1 MGQP.
  • Investments into bond, money market funds, distribution reinvestment and unit splits are not entitled to MGQP.
  • MGQP will be deducted upon withdrawal of investment.
For existing unitholders, all you have to do is top up your investments into equity, balanced or mixed asset funds to 120,000 MGQP in order to qualify and enjoy the privileges and benefits of a Mutual Gold Member!


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*In terms of total fund size managed amongst private unit trust companies and PRS providers in Malaysia.