No. 1* In Unit Trust & Private Retirement Scheme

Our Mission and Values

Public Mutual incessantly strives to live up to our
six core values:

Excellence. Commitment. Caring. Innovation.
Teamwork. Integrity.

Our Mission

  • Managing funds based on fundamental research and long term investment strategies to deliver superior returns for investors.
  • Providing exceptional services for investors through quality human capital and innovative technology.
  • Nurturing our staff and consultants in acquiring skills and expertise towards achieving a fulfilling and long term career with us.

Our Values

  • Excellence 
    We strive to deliver excellent products, distribution, services and financial planning.
  • Commitment 
    We are committed to meet the expectations of our stakeholders − unitholders, UTCs, staff and shareholders alike.
  • Caring 
    We care for our stakeholders, the environment and the community.
  • Innovation 
    We constantly come up with fresh ideas and methods to maintain our position as the best in the industry.
  • Teamwork
    We value the power of working as a team to achieve great successes.
  • Integrity
    We commit to the highest ethical standards in all our dealings.