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Easy Steps to Effective Investment Planning

Investment Planning a crucial aspect of
our 21st century lifestyle. Plan your savings
and investments wisely to achieve
your financial goals

Education Planning When planning for your children’s education, do take into consideration the ever increasing cost of living, effects of inflation and the escalating cost of tertiary education. Fortunately, with proper planning and a good head start, saving for your children’s next step in life is attainable.

Use below guide to discover the estimated costs that would be needed for your little one's tertiary education and how you can go about saving for it:

Education Planning Calculator

Education Planning Brochure

University Cost Guide

Retirement Planning Rather than see your hard earned money be eaten up by the effects of inflation over time, do set aside a little during your heydays to welcome a comfortable retirement.
Besides offering an array of unit trust funds, Public Mutual is also one of the approved Private Retirement Scheme (PRS) providers in Malaysia, managing 6 core funds and 3 non core funds.  

Explore our products and use below guide to estimate your post-retirement lifestyle to begin saving for your golden years:

Retirement Planning Calculator

Retirement Planning Brochure

Private Retirement Scheme

Comprehensive Retirement Planning Brochure

Other Financial Goals Start planning and save up for your other important goals.

Other Financial Goals Calculator

Inflation Brochure

Debt Management Brochure

Ringgit - Cost Averaging Brochure

Regular Investment Instruction (RII) Brochure

General Unit Trust Booklet

Shariah-Based Unit Trust Booklet