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Enjoy the Convenience of Regular Withdrawal to Fund Your Expenses

What is a Regular Withdrawal Plan (RWP)?

Regular Withdrawal Plan (RWP) is a facility that allows you to redeem units of your account at regular intervals to fund your expenses. This plan is suitable for retirees who have made a lump sum investment and wish to receive a more consistent payouts at regular intervals from the said lump-sum investment.

Features of RWP

  • RWP is available for cash scheme investments into equity, mixed asset, balanced or bond funds.
  • Withdrawal can be made monthly, semi-annually or annually.
  • Payout will not be made if the computed RWP withdrawal is below 1,000 units.
  • You can only execute one RWP per account.
  • Once RWP is activated, the distribution instruction of the account will be defaulted to “Reinvestment”.

How to apply?
You can apply for the RWP facility via Public Mutual Online (PMO) only.

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