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EPF Members Investment Scheme (EPF - MIS)

Optimise Your EPF Savings

Employees Provident Fund Members Investment Scheme (EPF-MIS) is a scheme that allows EPF members to transfer a portion of their savings for investment in unit trust. Qualified EPF members can choose to invest through fund management institutions appointed by the Ministry of Finance.

  • EPF- Qualified Funds offered by Public Mutual
  • EPF Members Investment Scheme
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  • Conventional
  • Shariah-based
EPF-Qualified Funds^ With Foreign
Shariah-based Conventional
Public Asia Ittikal Fund 4  
Public China Ittikal Fund 4  
Public Equity Fund 2  
Public Far-East Select Fund 4  
Public Far-East Telco & Infrastructure Fund 4  
Public Global Select Fund 4  
Public Growth Fund 2  
Public Index Fund    
Public Industry Growth Fund 2  
Public Islamic Alpha-40 Growth Fund 2  
Public Islamic Asia Leaders Equity Fund 4  
Public Islamic Asia Dividend Fund 4  
Public Islamic Dividend Fund 2  
Public Islamic Equity Fund 2  
Public Islamic Optimal Growth Fund    
Public Islamic Savings Fund 2  
Public Islamic Sector Select Fund    
Public Islamic Select Enterprises Fund    
Public Ittikal Fund 2  
Public Ittikal Sequel Fund 2  
Public Optimal Growth Fund    
Public Regional Sector Fund 4  
Public Sector Select Fund    
Public Singapore Equity Fund 4  
Public South-East Asia Select Fund 4  
PB Asia Pacific Enterprises Fund 4  
PB China Australia Equity Fund 4  
PB Euro Pacific Equity Fund 4  
PB Growth Fund 2  
PB Islamic Asia Equity Fund 4  
PB Islamic Asia Strategic Sector Fund 4  
PB Islamic Equity Fund 2  
PB Singapore Advantage-30 Equity Fund 4  
Public Balanced Fund 2  
Public Far-East Balanced Fund 3    ✔
PB Balanced Fund 2    ✔
PB Indonesia Balanced Fund 4    ✔
Public Enhanced Bond Fund 2  
Public Islamic Enhanced Bond Fund 2  
Public Islamic Infrastructure Bond Fund 1  
Public Islamic Select Bond Fund 2  
Public Islamic Strategic Bond Fund 1  
Public Select Bond Fund    
Public Strategic Bond Fund 1  
Public Sukuk Fund 2  
PB Bond Fund 2  
PB Infrastructure Bond Fund 1  
PB Islamic Bond Fund 2  
PB Sukuk Fund 2  
Public Islamic Income Fund    
Public Islamic Money Market Fund    
PB Cash Management Fund    

1 Foreign exposure is up to 25% of the fund’s NAV in overseas market.

2 Foreign exposure is up to 30% of the fund’s NAV in overseas market.

3 Foreign exposure is up to 60% of the fund's NAV in overseas market.

4 Foreign exposure is up to 98% of the fund's NAV in overseas market.

^ Effective 1 March 2018. These EPF-qualified funds are subject to annual review by the KWSP. Please refer to for the latest list of EPF-qualified funds.

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