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Fund Objective
To achieve capital growth over the medium to long-term period through a balanced asset allocation approach.
Fund Volatility
Lipper Analytics
14 Dec 2020
Launch Date
07 October 2015
Performance of PGRBF vs its Benchmark Index Over the Following Periods Ended 31/12/2020
PGRBF (%) Benchmark (%) PGRBF (%) Benchmark (%)
Total Return Annualised Return
22.55 2.86 22.55 2.86
25.16 -1.51 7.74 -0.50
42.02 5.06 7.26 0.99
- - - -
47.92 5.19 7.85 0.98
*Source: Lipper, as at 31 Dec 2020
Performance of PGRBF and Benchmark Index (Since Fund Commencement* to 31/12/2020)
Benchmark: A composite of 60% the returns of the Kuala Lumpur Composite Index (Prior 6 July 2009), 60% FTSE Bursa Malaysia KLCI (w.e.f. 6 July 2009) and 40% the returns on 3-month Kuala Lumpur Interbank Offered Rates (KLIBOR).
* Commencement Date - 27 October 2015

  • Public Growth Balanced Fund (PGRBF or the Fund) adopts a balanced asset allocation approach while focusing its equity investments on companies with earnings growth that potentially outpaces other stocks within their respective sectors.
  • As at 30 November 2020, 43.0% of PGRBF’s net asset value (NAV) was invested in equities while 21.5% and 35.5% of NAV was invested in fixed income securities and money market instruments respectively. The Fund’s equity portfolio focused its investments within the Industrial, Technology, Basic Materials, Diversified and Consumer sectors across the Malaysia, U.S., Taiwan and Korea markets.
  • From its commencement on 27 October 2015 up to 30 November 2020, the Fund registered a total return of +44.80% to outperform its benchmark’s return of +2.58%. This outperformance was attributed to its holdings of selected stocks which benefited from the increasing adoption of Internet-connected devices and services as well as the reallocation of manufacturing orders amid global trade tensions.
  • For the 1-year, 3-year and 5-year periods ended 30 November 2020, the Fund also registered respective returns of +23.50%, +24.18% and +44.68% to outperform its benchmark’s respective returns of +1.47%, -1.22% and +3.34%.
  • Going forward, the Fund will look to be positioned in the Technology and Communications sectors to ride on the long-term trends of the digital era. The Fund will also focus on selected Industrial stocks which stand to benefit from the increased automation of manufacturing processes amid continued demand for improved productivity levels.

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